Voice Aids for Individuals Struggling with Visual and Hearing Impairment

reading a prescription

“Happy Birthday!”  Kids love to celebrate the day they were born with a special party, complete with songs, gifts and games. But as people reach the half-century mark, birthday remembrances are not always appreciated. It’s another reminder they are getting older. Medical researchers tell us that as we age, our bodies gradually slow down.  Eyesight and hearing are two of those bodily functions that usually change and diminish with age.

Researchers in Finland have have developed a solution to help people who are struggling with visual and hearing impairment be independent, and navigate through their normal routines. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed an innovative, speech-based item identification system for medicines and food. Read the article to learn how this new technology may improve the quality of life for people with visual and hearing impairment.

For individuals who are visually or hearing impaired, how would “talking packaging” make a difference in daily activities?

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