Truths for Common Eye Myths


Growing up, you may have heard these words of wisdom from your parents:

“Don’t sit too close to the TV”

“Carrots are good for your eyes”

“Reading in the dark hurts your eyes”

“Don’t cross your eyes – or they’ll stay that way!”

You may be surprised to learn that medical professionals report that these are all just myths. Find out the truths behind these common eye myths, as reported in Healthy magazine.

  • Eating carrots will improve your vision – While carrots are rich in vitamin A, consuming them will not improve your vision
  • Reading in the dark hurts your eyes – While you may experience increased eye fatigue when reading in a dark room, you won’t damage your eyes; however, reading in a well-lit area will  reduce eye fatigue
  • Sitting too close to the TV will hurt your eyes – Many people sit close to the TV because it’s easier to focus on the picture without straining their eyes; while this practice may not damage your eyes, it could be an indication of a vision problem, such as nearsightedness
  • Crossing your eyes is bad for them – Many kids cross their eyes to be silly; it won’t permanently damage the eyes or vision
  • Wearing glasses all the time impairs vision – Some vision correction issues may become worse with age, but not because of time spent wearing glasses
  • Using another person’s glasses may damage your eyes – Although you may temporarily lose vision when wearing someone else’s glasses, the change to your eyes isn’t permanent
  • Scheduling regular eye exams isn’t necessary – Aside from the usual reasons for having an eye exam, they are important because your eye doctor may discover glaucoma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes when looking closely at each eye, resulting in an early diagnosis that can improve your health

Learn more about these debunked eye myths and why comprehensive eye exams are necessary for good vision.


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