Four Ways Vision Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience many hormone changes. Nearly every tissue and organ is affected. These hormone adjustments occur to support the mom and the baby’s development. However, some changes can impact the body in unexpected ways. Consider four ways vision changes during pregnancy. Blurred vision A common side effect of pregnancy is retaining fluids. Extra … Read Full Article

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Why a Poor Diet Can Cause Eye Problems

“You are what you eat,” is a scientific fact. People need many types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep their bodies healthy. Without them, people may develop illnesses or other health issues if they do not eat nutritious meals, including serious vision conditions. Here is why a poor diet can cause eye problems. Well-balanced … Read Full Article

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6 Reasons Why You Have Eye Pain

Sudden eye pain gets your attention. You may wonder, “Is it just an eyelash? Or is it something more serious?” There are many reasons why you may experience pain in one or both eyes. Here’s a list of six reasons why you have eye pain. Foreign object Most people lose 1 to 4 eyelashes every … Read Full Article

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6 Eye Care Tips from Optometrists

Every day you rely on your eyes to provide insights and color to your world. Because the eyes work faithfully day after day, you may forget to take care of them. Review these six eye care tips from optometrists. Eye exams It’s essential to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor. During a comprehensive … Read Full Article

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6 Things to Know About Reading Your Eye Prescription

Regular eye exams are essential to keep your eyes and vision healthy. During the appointment, vision tests help the doctor determine if your vision is 20/20, and also detect signs of eye diseases and medical conditions. You will be asked to read a combination of numbers and letters in different sizes to check how well … Read Full Article

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Six Eye Problems Caused by Arthritis

Over 23% of American adults, or 54 million people, have arthritis. It’s a disease that can cause swelling and severe pain in different areas of the body. It’s commonly believed that arthritis only affects the joints. This includes the knees, hips, hands or feet. But arthritis can affect other areas of the body, too. Learn … Read Full Article

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4 Tips for Working From Home to Prevent Vision Problems

Working from home has become the new normal for many Americans. Most like forgoing their commute to the office, with the bonus of saving time and money. But working outside the office also means you could be spending more time using computers. This includes e-readers and smartphones. The increased screen time can damage your eyes. … Read Full Article

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What is Individual Dental and Vision Insurance? Why Is It Essential for Today’s Workers?

Many people have employer-sponsored group dental and vision benefits. But some employees don’t qualify for them. These employees may be semi-retired, part-time, self-employed or independent contractors. What they need is access to individual health coverage. But exactly what is individual insurance? And why is it essential for today’s workers? Dental and vision insurance are among … Read Full Article

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How Retinitis Pigmentosa Disease Affects the Eyes

Millions of Americans suffer from eye diseases and medical conditions that impact their vision. Sometimes the disease or condition is managed with medication and lifestyle changes. But other diseases, like retinitis pigmentosa, can lead to vision loss. Here’s what you should know about how retinitis pigmentosa disease affects the eyes. Causes Retinitis pigmentosa is a … Read Full Article