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How Your Vision Changes After 40

After age 40, many people notice changes in their bodies, including their vision. Suddenly people are reaching for reading glasses, often called readers, to see the keyboard or other close-up objects. Or, adults with prescription eyeglasses need bifocal or trifocal lenses to read signs or see things far away. Eye doctors say these changes are … Read Full Article

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Innovative Technologies That Enhance Vision

People get 90% of the information in the world around them through their eyes. Good vision helps people enjoy a higher quality of life. But people’s vision can change due to aging and disease. Researchers are actively studying ways to keep people’s eyes healthy. Review the following innovative technologies that enhance vision. Sustained-release medications Glaucoma … Read Full Article

Do Digital Devices Cause Vision Problems?

Nearly everything in life has a digital connection, from smart TVs and smartphones to computers, game devices and tablets. Americans today spend hours on their screens. Nearly 85% of people use digital devices daily. About 31% say they use them all the time. Increased screen time can lead to digital eye strain, causing vision discomfort … Read Full Article

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Blue Light from Digital Devices May Cause Eye Strain

Blue light is everywhere. It is one of the colors that enriches the beauty of the world around us. It comes from the sun, fluorescent and LED lights, and flat-screen TVs. However, blue light also is emitted from digital devices. Since the pandemic, people are spending more and more hours using their smartphones, tablets and … Read Full Article

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How Secondhand Smoke Impacts Children’s Eyes and Hearts

For years, Americans have known that breathing secondhand smoke isn’t healthy. Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, putting both adults and children at risk for medical problems. These problems include ear infections, pneumonia, coughing, sore throat, sniffling, sneezing and asthma. Recently, researchers found that secondhand smoke also impacts children’s eyes and hearts. Damages sight Researchers … Read Full Article

Four Ways Vision Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience many hormone changes. Nearly every tissue and organ is affected. These hormone adjustments occur to support the mom and the baby’s development. However, some changes can impact the body in unexpected ways. Consider four ways vision changes during pregnancy. Blurred vision A common side effect of pregnancy is retaining fluids. Extra … Read Full Article

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Why a Poor Diet Can Cause Eye Problems

“You are what you eat,” is a scientific fact. People need many types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep their bodies healthy. Without them, people may develop illnesses or other health issues if they do not eat nutritious meals, including serious vision conditions. Here is why a poor diet can cause eye problems. Well-balanced … Read Full Article