Can Pregnancy and Nursing Affect Vision?

Pregnancy and nursing

Yes, pregnancy and nursing may alter a woman’s eyesight, vision experts at WebMD explain. At least 50 percent of moms-to-be and new mothers experience vision changes. Fortunately, the problems from pregnancy usually disappear after delivery or breastfeeding. Review four ways vision can be impacted:

1. Blurred vision – While pregnant and nursing, women experience many hormone changes. One side effect is a buildup of fluid in the eyes. This can change the thickness and shape of the cornea. This extra fluid makes it difficult for eyes to focus. Some moms also notice moving specks and lines, called floaters, in their vision, or puffiness around the eyes that can affect peripheral vision.

2. Dry eyes – Pregnancy can cause dry or gritty eyes. Ask a pharmacist for recommendations of over-the-counter eye drops that are safe for pregnant women. Generally, over-the-counter eye drops that only provide moisture are considered safe.

3. Preeclampsia – About 5 to 8 percent of pregnant women develop preeclampsia, a serious medical problem that can lead to high blood pressure. It also can affect vision, creating sensitivity to light, blurred vision and the appearance of flashing lights.

4. Gestational diabetes – Diabetics have high blood sugar levels that can damage the small vessels that supply blood to the retina. Pregnant women are at risk of developing a form of diabetes, called gestational diabetes, which can cause blurred vision.


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