4 Ways to Find Authentic Thought Leaders for Senior Dental and Vision Benefits

Authentic thought leaders at work reviewing a contract.

Thought leaders are people or companies who offer advice and ideas based on their expertise in a specific area. But not all thought leaders provide the same insights or advice. For example, in the health benefits market, thought leaders have a range of ideas to address business and employee needs. So, how do you know which thought leaders offer the right counsel? Here are four ways to find authentic thought leaders for senior dental and vision benefits.

Expertise in the industry

Real thought leaders should have a deep background of experience to understand the health benefits field fully. They should assess the market needs and identify choices that provide the right health options, such as for senior employees or retirees.

Here are several questions to ask to know you can trust the advice offered:

  • What is the reputation of the thought leaders? Are they considered trustworthy?
  • What do other experts say about them?
  • How many years have they been in the industry?
  • Are they mentioned in articles and social media?
  • Do they have a presence online and at industry conferences?
  • Do they know their audience and customers? Can they adapt products or messaging to meet those needs?

Some noted thought leaders have experience in only one or two areas of the field. But trusted, authentic thought leaders should have a depth of understanding in many areas within the topic or industry.

Accurate advice, solutions

People look to thought leaders to provide value and insights to help them understand health benefit issues and opportunities, so they can better make decisions.

When evaluating thought leaders, research their track record for effectiveness and accuracy of the advice and recommendations they’ve given previously. Did their recommendations fit the business’ needs? Was the advice on target? For those businesses that followed the thought leaders’ advice, how did it affect their success and decisions?

Original thinking and research

In the health benefits field, many thought leaders repeat the same canned ideas. But often these ideas don’t work. Businesses want advice and insights that fit their specific problem.

Look for experts who have first-hand knowledge with access to original or recent primary and secondary research. They should use this information to identify trends and develop industry applications.

Authentic thought leaders also should analyze the information to make connections, drawing upon their expertise to help employees with senior health benefit needs. The advice should be original and appropriate to each business’ situation.


Trusted thought leaders should be respected by other experts in the health field. True thought leaders connect with other dependable leaders because they recognize and trust their expertise and wisdom.

Ameritas: An authentic thought leader
Ameritas is a long-term trusted thought leader in dental and vision benefits. They have provided benefit advice and direction to businesses in every industry across the country. Ameritas leaders regularly speak at national conferences to educate business leaders, brokers, consultants and agents in the latest trends with employee benefits and communication strategies.

Ameritas experts also are authentic thought leaders for senior dental and vision benefits. We recognize that having access to dental and vision benefits is important to baby boomers who have taken care of their teeth and eyes throughout their lives.

Why offer individual dental and vision benefits to seniors?
Employment experts report that workers from the baby boomer generation want or need to work for many years beyond the typical retirement age. Some want to work full time, but many are interested in a flexible schedule that they can adjust to fit personal needs. And they want access to the voluntary vision and dental benefits that will assist them in keeping their teeth and eyes healthy as they age.

When seniors no longer have access to a group dental or vision plan through an employer for instance, they need other options. That’s where plans like Ameritas PrimeStar come in. We understand that a broad provider network is important, that’s why we have over 483,000 dental provider access points nationwide and over 110,000 unique providers. Plans with simple enrollment and award-winning customer service keep customers happy.

Learn about more Primestar individual dental and vision coverage.