8 Ways to Improve Home Safety and Avoid Falls


As people age, many are less steady on their feet, making it easier to trip and fall. Research from the American Academy of Ophthalmology shows that falls can cause eye injuries. In a study of 47,000 patients diagnosed with an eye injury, nearly 8,500 were age 60 or older. Among the types of falls reported, slipping caused about 3,000 eye injuries. Falling down the stairs resulted in about 900 eye injuries.

Since more falls occur in the home than anywhere else, even for people with normal vision, consider eight ways to eliminate hazards and create a safe home environment:


1. Remove small rugs throughout the house. Use only large sizes that won’t slide or bunch up.

2. Put a nonskid bath mat in the tub to prevent slipping while showering or getting in and out.

3. Place electrical cords close to the wall and away from areas where people walk.

4. Situate small tables and floor lamps close to furniture instead of in common walkways.

5. Clean up spills immediately to avoid slipping.

6. Close cabinet and cupboard doors and drawers immediately after removing items.

7. Pick up shoes and other clutter, especially in walkways where people can trip.

8. Add brightly colored tape along the edges of steps to avoid tripping and tumbles.

Evaluate the safety of your home with this checklist.


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