4 Reasons Why People Won’t Wear Their Hearing Aids

Young child whispering to Grandpa who won't wear hearing aids.

If you have hearing aids, but put off wearing them, you’re not alone. Nearly 80% of Americans who could benefit from using their hearing aids won’t use them. Instead, they gather dust in drawers and containers. Here are four reasons why people say they won’t wear their hearing aids.

  1. Difficult to use

    New hearing aid styles feature sleek, nearly invisible designs. Many can be easily adjusted using a smartphone app. But users often complain that they can’t figure out how to use the app, or change the batteries. So they give up and put the hearing aids in a safe place out of sight. Most hearing aid companies can help customers resolve these problems with a phone call or online chat. And if the devices are purchased at a local hearing center, associates are trained to help people get full use of their hearing aids.

  1. Too much bother for daily use 

    Hearing is a brain activity that requires regular stimulation to interpret sounds correctly. Hearing aids are designed to help the brain recognize conversations and noises. Some people wear their hearing aids only for special events. But hearing experts say that if people won’t wear their hearing aids every day, they may not get the full benefit of better hearing.

  1. Uncomfortable design

    Just like prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids need adjustments to fit correctly. Depending on the hearing aid design, at first, wearing the devices may be uncomfortable, or they may fall out. But with a little patience and a visit to a hearing aid expert, hearing aids can fit properly and provide the full benefit of good hearing.

  1. Don’t work anymore

    Over time, hearing aids can collect dirt and grime, so that they won’t work as well. Some people may not realize that all they need is routine hearing aid maintenance. Also over time, people can experience age-related hearing loss. Consult a hearing professional for assistance to identify the source of the problem, so hearing aids keep working properly.

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