Tuning Hearing Aids to Enjoy Music


If you wear hearing aids, music might sound different than it did before. When hearing loss occurs, depending on the degree of impairment, some frequencies of sound may be lost forever. But often, hearing aids can be adjusted to help people enjoy music again.

Distorted or inaudible musical sounds
According to Hearing Link, people with hearing loss report that hearing aids distort music sounds, and some notes or sections of a musical performance may be completely inaudible. Some claim to hear music better without a hearing device. Others work with an audiologist to adjust their hearing aids to improve their ability to listen to music.

Hearing aid programming
Audiologists explain that hearing aids are usually programmed at higher frequencies to allow users to effectively hear people speaking. Since music involves lower frequency levels, hearing aids typically cannot pick up these sounds. Music also has higher levels of sound pressure, which becomes distorted as it passes through the hearing aids.

Adjusting the settings
Some hearing aids are designed with a music program that can be modified, allowing users to listen to music at the right level for their hearing needs. For devices without a music program option, an audiologist may be able to mimic one by adjusting the settings.

Understand hearing loss
The Hearing Health Foundation explains that hearing loss occurs when hair cells in the inner ear are damaged or die. The loss of these cells affects sound levels and the ability to hear and understand conversations and music.

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