Senior friends with good hearing health enjoying time outdoors.

Why You Should Know Your Family’s Hearing Health History

It’s fun to look through family photo albums and pick out similar traits and characteristics between family members: same eye or hair color, a distinct nose, mouth or face shape, or a unique smile. But there also are many genetic traits passed down from generation to generation that people can’t see, such as shared risk … Read Full Article

Why Stress Causes Health Problems and Hearing Loss

Americans of every age and demographic group are stressed. Sometimes stress is positive, giving people a boost of adrenaline to handle tough situations. But chronic stress, often caused by worries over finances, work or relationships, can trigger serious health problems, such as hearing loss. Here are three things to know about stress. Changes normal body … Read Full Article

Preschool children playing in classroom.

5 Things to Know About Kids and Hearing Loss

Good hearing is important for kids to learn and be safe. If hearing problems develop and go undetected, kids may struggle to grow and adapt to the world around them. Here are five things to know about kids and hearing loss. 1.  Frequency – It’s estimated that 2 percent of American children are born with … Read Full Article

Two female dentists showing an X-Ray to a male patient

How Oral Health Can Affect Hearing

The healthiness of your body is interconnected. A problem in one area may be related to an issue in a different area. Recently, researchers found a link that shows how your oral health can affect hearing. The link between oral health and hearing Scientists report that the hair cells in the ear require healthy blood … Read Full Article

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Researchers Discover Possible Treatment for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

If you’re repeatedly exposed to extremely loud noises, and don’t wear hearing protection, you will develop noise-induced hearing loss over time. About 15 percent of American adults have permanent, high-frequency hearing loss from loud noise exposure. Recently, researchers discovered a possible treatment solution to help prevent people from experiencing noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing damage People … Read Full Article

Can Smoking Damage Your Hearing?

Can smoking damage your hearing? Recently scientists studied adults and children to understand the link between smoking and hearing loss. While many people know that cigarette smoking can cause several serious medical conditions, they may not realize that it also can damage hearing. Review several key findings from these studies. Smoking tied to infant hearing … Read Full Article

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3 Ways Hearing Loss in Younger People Changes the Brain

When a favorite song plays on your digital app, it’s tempting to turn up the volume to sing along. But don’t. New research shows that loud music and noises can have a lasting effect on your hearing and brain function. Here are three ways that hearing loss in younger people changes the brain. Hidden hearing … Read Full Article

3 things to know about how stress can affect your hearing

Almost every day people have stressful experiences. Sometimes stress is good as it provides extra strength and energy to handle a dangerous situation, or to meet a physical or mental demand. But prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your body and cause health problems, including hearing loss. Here are three things to know about how … Read Full Article

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This is how your brain’s motor system interprets sounds

Have you ever wondered why when you hear music your foot taps to the beat? Or, how your brain fills in conversations at a loud event when you can only catch a few words of what people are saying? Scientists report that understanding the human brain is one of their greatest challenges. However, recent research … Read Full Article

age-related hearing loss

3 things to know about age-related hearing loss

Americans are living longer than ever before. Despite normal aches and pains, older adults report feeling more positive and satisfied about life than when they were younger. However, nearly 50 percent of older adults experience some degree of hearing loss. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, here are three things to know about age-related hearing … Read Full Article