Can Smoking Damage Your Hearing?

Can smoking damage your hearing? Recently scientists studied adults and children to understand the link between smoking and hearing loss. While many people know that cigarette smoking can cause several serious medical conditions, they may not realize that it also can damage hearing. Review several key findings from these studies. Smoking tied to infant hearing … Read Full Article

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3 Ways Hearing Loss in Younger People Changes the Brain

When a favorite song plays on your digital app, it’s tempting to turn up the volume to sing along. But don’t. New research shows that loud music and noises can have a lasting effect on your hearing and brain function. Here are three ways that hearing loss in younger people changes the brain. Hidden hearing … Read Full Article

3 things to know about how stress can affect your hearing

Almost every day people have stressful experiences. Sometimes stress is good as it provides extra strength and energy to handle a dangerous situation, or to meet a physical or mental demand. But prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your body and cause health problems, including hearing loss. Here are three things to know about how … Read Full Article

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This is how your brain’s motor system interprets sounds

Have you ever wondered why when you hear music your foot taps to the beat? Or, how your brain fills in conversations at a loud event when you can only catch a few words of what people are saying? Scientists report that understanding the human brain is one of their greatest challenges. However, recent research … Read Full Article

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Ways Employers Can Support Employees’ Hearing Loss

Across the country, employers are seeking solutions to help employees with hearing loss. About 20 percent of Americans, or 48 million people, have some degree of hearing impairment. In the past, hearing problems were associated with older workers. Now, an increased number of younger employees are experiencing hearing loss. Given the growing number of employees … Read Full Article

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3 things to know about age-related hearing loss

Americans are living longer than ever before. Despite normal aches and pains, older adults report feeling more positive and satisfied about life than when they were younger. However, nearly 50 percent of older adults experience some degree of hearing loss. Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, here are three things to know about age-related hearing … Read Full Article

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Affordable Hearing Aid Device

Over 48 million Americans have hearing loss, reports the Center for Hearing and Communication. Hearing impairment can occur at any age, as evidenced by these statistics: 15 percent of children ages 6 to 19 have measurable hearing loss in at least one ear. Even mild hearing loss can cause a child to miss classroom discussions. … Read Full Article

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4 ways hearing loss can impact your life

Hearing loss affects Americans of all ages. In fact, over 20 percent, or 48 million people, have some degree of hearing loss. It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 people with hearing problems choose to ignore it. But hearing changes have far-reaching effects. Consider four ways hearing loss can impact your life: Safety issues – … Read Full Article

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5 Facts to Know About Hearing Loss, Benefits

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, significantly impacting their work performance and relationships with friends and family. If hearing loss were considered a disability, it would rank among the highest impairments in the United States. Here are five facts to know about hearing loss and benefits. Impacts old and young adults – Many people believe … Read Full Article