Hearing Loss: 5 Ways to Improve Communication

Hearing Loss Communication

When talking with someone who is hearing impaired, what’s the best way to communicate? Should you raise your voice, repeat yourself or write it down? Consider five tips to improve communication provided by Healthy Hearing.

1. Select the right environment – Since hearing-impaired people read lips, facial expressions and gestures to assist them in talking with others, make sure the room has good lighting and minimal background noise.

2. Use direct eye contact – Make sure you have the person’s attention. Keep hands away from your face and look into his or her eyes. If the person hears better in one ear versus the other, speak toward the better side.

3. Don’t shout or repeat yourself – Raising the volume of your voice or saying the same words over and over won’t help. Instead speak clearly and distinctly. Try rephrasing what you’re saying.

4. Encourage conversations – In a group setting, make sure to engage those with hearing loss in the discussion. Focus on one topic at a time and periodically check to ensure they are engaged in the conversation.

5. Don’t give up – Be patient when conversing with someone who cannot hear well. Work together to find the best way to communicate and show you care.