Why Participate in Wellness Program Lab Tests?

health tests

Are health screening tests really valuable? Do they make a difference in employees’ health? New research affirms these tests are important in identifying those at high risk for chronic health problems.

Many American businesses offer a variety of wellness education and rewards programs to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Some also include health screening/laboratory tests to assist employees in identifying medical risks. While these tests can be expensive, most employers are willing to cover the cost – or at least make these tests easily accessible – if they make a difference in the health of employees and their spouses or partners.

A study by Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of laboratory-based wellness programs, evaluated 52,270 employees, spouses and domestic partners ages 20 to 64. The results showed that 36 percent of first-time participants in laboratory-based wellness programs were identified as being high risk for a common health concerns:

  • chronic kidney disease (impacts 26 million)
  • high cholesterol (present in at least 1 in 3 adults)
  • diabetes (affects more than 26 million, with an additional 79 million having pre-diabetes)

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If your company offers health risk screenings, what percentage of employees participate? Have the tests identified at-risk individuals? Were the screenings free, or was there a charge?