What Your Favorite Color Says About You


When you pick out your outfit for work, school or a party, do you think about the message you want to communicate? Do you select pieces of clothing in your favorite color? Or do you grab the first outfit you see in your closet? You may want to give your choice more thought. Color consultants report that your clothing choices communicate your personality and mood.


Everyday Health analyzed nine key colors and the messages they send:

  • Red – Considered a power color because it causes others to notice you; may affect your attention span and make others seem more attractive because it’s associated with love
  • Blue – People feel most comfortable when wearing the color blue; it evokes tranquility and encourages creativity; it’s relaxing and can reduce your heart rate
  • Black – Many people prefer black for clothing because it goes with anything; clothes in black can be dressed up or down, and can be slimming; depending on the situation, black may be an indication of an aggressive mood; it’s a powerful, serious color
  • Green – This color exudes trustworthiness and positivity; it stands for ecology, nature, money and wealth; green can promote creativity, relaxation and calmness
  • Orange – If you want to make a statement or communicate enthusiasm, wear orange; researchers report that an intense orange is one of the least-favorite colors, especially for women
  • Purple – This color conveys nobility and leadership; it’s a good choice if you want to make a statement; avoid this color if you want to make people feel at ease, although the violet shade can be soothing
  • PinkConsidered a happy color; it is said to reduce people’s anger and aggression
  • Gray – A good color if you want to have a soft, but sophisticated appearance; it’s a neutral color that doesn’t impact people’s mood, but it may subconsciously make you feel blah or unhappy if worn regularly
  • Yellow – Tends to promote joy, happiness and optimism, but can be overwhelming if very bright; used in advertising to reflect enjoyment

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