Watch Out When Driving on Fridays

bad days to drive

When you drive to work on Friday take extra caution and pay attention to others around you. New research on driver safety shows the highest number of vehicle accidents occur on Fridays.

Safety experts believe driver inattention is the reason for the higher incidence of accidents on the last day of the typical workweek. They believe drivers are thinking about upcoming weekend plans and are not watching the road. About half of all accidents occur while drivers are commuting to and from work, with rear-end collisions being the most common.

Unfortunately, thousands of accidents occur on other weekdays as well. Wednesday is the second most dangerous day to drive, followed closely by Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

Read the article, “Fridays Are the Most Dangerous Driving Day for Commuters,” published by Aol Autos, and share your feedback.


If you have been involved in an accident, on which day of the week did it occur?