Voluntary Insurance is Always an Option

voluntary benefits

Many employers include voluntary benefit options in their company benefit packages, because they can offer employees access to a variety of quality insurance plans with little or no cost to the company. With voluntary benefits, employees choose to sign up and pay the premiums, usually enjoying group rates.

Voluntary insurance options are available with a range products, including dental, vision, life insurance, critical illness, disability and long-term care plans.

The popularity of voluntary plans continues to grow, according to national research. The general consensus is that employees feel more secure having a comprehensive benefits package available to them, even if they have to pay the premiums for voluntary options. For example, Eastbridge Consulting Group reports that voluntary vision plans are growing at a faster rate than the employer-paid variety. And insurance companies expect voluntary plans will continue to grow in popularity under the Affordable Care Act (health care reform).


Do you have voluntary insurance products available through work? If so, which plans are the most important?