Treating Adult Skin and Eye Rashes

Rashes — we’ve all had them. They are annoying, painful and itchy.

Sometimes rashes occur with an illness, infection, insect bite, a drug reaction to a drug, stress, an encounter with a poisonous plant or an allergy to a product, causing hives and swelling of the skin.

A rash under or around the eye is called angioedema, which causes swelling in the face, usually close to the eyes or mouth. Although angioedema is similar in appearance to hives, the welts are larger and go down deeper into the skin, and may be an indication of a serious medical condition. Sometimes the swelling may occur in the throat and create problems with breathing and swallowing.

While most rashes are minor, according to WebMD, it’s important to contact your physician to verify the type, source and treatment options. Some rashes can be treated with over-the-counter or home remedies, but others may require a prescription drug to stop the reaction and allow the body to heal.

To learn more about rashes and hives, review Rash 101: Introduction to Common Skin Rashes, provided by MedicineNet.com, or review the Symptom Checker for skin rashes provided by Mayo Clinic.