Top Pharmacist-Recommended Products for Aches and Pains



We all experience pain from headaches and sore muscles, to cuts and sunburns. What are the best remedies for these ailments? Recently U.S. News & World Report provided lists of pharmacist-recommended products to help people deal with their various aches and pains.


Products for pain and inflammation
Headaches and migraines – Often caused by stress and tension, strong odors or skipped meals; ease the pain by using Tylenol, Excedrin or Advil for headaches, and Excedrin Migraine or Advil Migraine for migraines

Inflammation – A variety of activities or physical problems can lead to sore muscles, cramps or joint pain; pharmacists recommend taking Advil, Aleve or Motrin to help relieve discomfort and reduce swelling in tissues and muscles

Products for cuts, scrapes and bug bites
Cuts – Doctors advise covering all minor scrapes and cuts to prevent infection and speed recovery; use adhesive bandages or first-aid gauze, secured with tape, and a topical antibiotic/antiseptic; pharmacists recommend using Band-Aid or Nexcare products; another option is a liquid bandage, such as New-Skin, which works great for injuries on fingertips, between toes or behind knees

Scrapes and bug bites – Although they can be annoying, there are products that help provide temporary relief; pharmacists recommend using a topical anesthetic to ease the pain, such as Dermoplast, Americaine or Bactine

Products for sunburns
Too much time in the sun can result in a painful sunburn; cool, soothe and heal the skin with aloe vera products that moisturize; pharmacists recommend Solarcaine or Banana Boat sunburn relief gel


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