The Joys of a Garden


Do you enjoy gardening? Many do. People are captivated by the experiences of preparing and working the soil, and watching tiny seeds create spectacular blooms or delicious produce. Frequently they find unexpected blessings along the way, such as the opportunity to commune with nature, which can help them escape their busy lives and reduce stress.


Growing a garden is both an excellent way to relax and bring fresh vegetables to the dinner table. People typically think of producing a garden as a spring and summer activity, but depending on your location, many vegetables can be planted in late summer and harvested during the fall. Another idea is to bring the garden experience indoors by growing herbs in pots throughout the fall and winter months.

Consider these positive aspects of growing a food garden:

  • Nutrition and taste – Foods grown in a home garden tend to have more nutrients and better flavors than those produced commercially; a report in ScienceDaily claims that children eat more fruits and vegetables when they are homegrown; consuming fruits and vegetables can help prevent diabetes, obesity and some cancers
  • Food safety – By growing fruits and vegetables at home, you can avoid salmonella and E. coli that are often found on produce from industrial farms; an organic garden can have a positive impact on the environment because all-natural products are used to nourish the soil and stimulate plant growth
  • Exercise – Successful gardeners invest time in weeding, trimming and picking produce, which means they spend less time on the couch
  • Cost savings – According to The Wall Street Journal , the National Gardening Association reports that most families spend about $70 annually on a food garden and reap an average of $600 worth of vegetables
  • Socializing – Usually, gardens produce more fruits and vegetables than one family can consume, so gardeners can share their bountiful harvests with neighbors, family, friends or community outreach programs

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