Social Media Impacts Internal Business Communication

working on the computer

Social media has become the buzz at businesses across the country. While there are many social media tools available to improve communications, not all of the options may work for every organization.

Recently the International Association of Business Communicators studied the use of social media as a communications tool. It reported that 61 percent of companies surveyed are using at least one social media tool to connect with employees, including blogs, discussion forums and instant messaging. For those companies not using social media options, 18 percent cited lack of executive support as the primary reason.

Businesses that have successfully incorporated social media as a communications vehicle recommend developing a social media policy and plan for effective implementation and consistency. Recently esbjournal (everything small business) featured an article – 10 Social Media Tips to Improve Internal Communication – underscoring the importance of using social media to encourage communication between departments, increase productivity and connect employees in multiple locations.


How is your business using social media tools for internal communication? Which tools are most effective in reaching audiences across the organization?