Smartphone Keeping You Awake at Night?


Is your smartphone keeping you awake at night? The National Sleep Foundation reports at least 40 percent of Americans are losing sleep because they’re using their smartphones in the evening for work. 

Years ago when the smartphone was introduced, Americans applauded the new technology because of the convenience and ability to keep tabs on emails and work projects. But researchers at Michigan State University discovered that people who use their smartphones for work after 9 p.m. reported feeling more tired and being less involved in discussions and activities the next day.

More than 56 percent of American adults own a smartphone. Researchers believe smartphones keep people mentally engaged late into the evening, making it difficult to detach or shut off their minds from thinking about work.

Results from two studies demonstrated that using smartphones had a more negative effect on people’s sleep patterns than other electronic devices, including watching television, or using a computer or tablet device. Researchers also believe the blue light emitted from smartphones is more disrupting than any other color. Studies show that thee blue color obstructs the body’s natural processing of melatonin, which helps promote sleep.

Researchers recognize that turning off phones at night may not be feasible, but they encourage people to search for an option that won’t disrupt their sleep. Check out these tips for getting the most from each night’s sleep, including tools such as a sleep diary and the sleepiness test.