5 Reasons Self-Employed People Should Invest in Individual Health Insurance

People who are self-employed make a lot of sacrifices to get customers and grow business. They may even put off taking care of personal and medical needs. The idea of purchasing health insurance seems out of reach, especially dental and vision plans. But there are plans that offer affordable, valuable coverage.

Here are five reasons self-employed people should invest in individual health insurance.

Protects health

Dentists and eye doctors can detect signs of more serious conditions during regular exams. Research shows that people who have health benefits tend to see the doctor more regularly. They take better care of their overall health so they can focus on their work.

Guards against financial worries

Unexpected health problems can be expensive. Research shows that most people have saved $1,000 or less for unplanned costs. Often, they use credit cards to pay for health care bills. Individual insurance plans help cover health expenses, so your business isn’t impacted by large medical bills you have to pay off.

Improves attitude

Having individual health insurance helps improve your confidence because you look and feel better. It makes it easier to focus on the business and develop relationships with customers, friends and family members.

Provides immediate access, almost anywhere

With individual health insurance, self-employed people usually don’t have to wait for months to get coverage. Instead, they have instant access to health benefits. And if business requires travel, they generally can use the plans in other locations, even internationally, so their health needs are covered.

Attracts contract employees

As the business grows, self-employed people need help with the workload. Most contract workers want health benefits. Individual insurance plans are easy to offer these talented team members. And businesses owners quickly develop a reputation as a preferred partner.

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