Save Your Skin: Don’t Scrub Your Face

Smiling woman

When washing your face, do you scrub hard or gently to wash away dirt, oils and dead skin?

Traditionally, many believed they should scrub their skin for a healthy facial glow. But new information from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises people not to scrub their face or use harsh products that can irritate the skin. Instead, use a gentle touch and a facial cleanser that is alcohol-free and non-abrasive. To cleanse the face, follow the AAD’s Face Washing 101 guidelines: 

  • Wet face with warm water
  • Use fingertips to apply cleanser
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Pat skin dry with a soft towel

Dermatologists recommend washing facial skin in the morning and before bedtime. After engaging in physical activity and working up a sweat, rinse off perspiration as soon as possible to avoid skin irritation. Use a moisturizer as necessary and protect skin with sunscreen when outdoors.


How has your skin care regime changed over the years?