Research Identifies Potential Causes for Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, every 10 seconds someone visits a hospital emergency room in the U.S. to seek treatment for a severe headache or migraine.

Approximately 36 million women, men and children are affected by migraines, which are often classified as serious and debilitating. New research is helping medical professionals understand the causes and effective treatment options.

A migraine is more than a really bad headache. Scientists rank migraines among the top 20 disabling medical illnesses. At least 90 percent of individuals with migraines say they are unable to conduct normal activities when an attack occurs. Most people who experience a migraine do so one or two times monthly, but approximately 14 million Americans report having migraines at least 15 days during the month.

Recently scientists discovered several possible causes for migraines:

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