Woman harvesting lettuce on sunny day.

9 Foods That Can Promote a Healthy Heart

The human heart is an amazing machine. Every day it beats 115,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through the body. The heart is a vital organ that impacts the healthiness of your body, so it’s important to take good care of it. Here are nine foods that can promote a healthy heart. … Read Full Article

Cute playful beagle puppy running next to its owner

Four Ways to Protect Your Pet’s Heart

Pet owners dote on their pets, purchasing special foods and treats, cute outfits and even scheduling time at a pet spa or resort. Owners also need to take care of their pets’ cardiovascular health. Review four ways to protect your pet’s heart. 1. Research – Many animals are susceptible to cardiovascular conditions, just like their … Read Full Article

Young girl feeding dog breakfast cereal at kitchen table, laughing

7 Ways Kids Benefit From Having a Pet

“Ah, mom and dad, can’t we get a pet?” is a familiar plea from kids around the world. Before automatically saying, “No,” parents should review seven ways kids can benefit from having a pet. 1. Teaches responsibility – Adding a pet to the family can provide opportunities to teach kids important work responsibilities. Give kids … Read Full Article

Happy mother and daughter celebrating Christmas with their dog.

5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are filled with exciting gatherings of friends and families to decorate, share gifts and celebrate. Many family pets enjoy being in the middle of the festivities. But sometimes the holiday season can be an unhealthy experience for furry family members. Here are five tips to keep pets safe and healthy. Stick to normal … Read Full Article

Flight attendant giving passenger pillow and blanket

7 Ways to Avoid Catching a Cold or Flu When Flying

When flying for business or vacation, do you worry about catching a cold or flu from other travelers? Viruses and germs are everywhere, and it’s difficult to disinfect the entire airport and plane by yourself. So here are seven ways to avoid catching a cold or flu when flying. Get plenty of rest – Before taking … Read Full Article

Children And Dog In Halloween Costumes For Trick Or Treating

7 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Pets

All year long, kids look forward to Halloween. It’s an exciting night for kids to dress in costume, get loads of candy, and trick-or-treat with friends and maybe even the family pet. Make sure Halloween is fun for kids and pets. Here are seven safety tips for a spooktacular night. 1. Watch for signs of … Read Full Article

Senior Couple Relaxing In Hammock

7 Ways to Wake Up Refreshed in the Morning

After a restful night of seven hours or more of sleep, most people have a positive, can-do attitude. Difficult problems look like opportunities vs. unscalable mountains. A good night’s sleep also is important for overall good health, but sadly only 1 in 3 Americans get the amount of sleep they need. Here are seven ways … Read Full Article

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This is how foods and medications can impact emotional health

“You are what you eat,” health experts often say. And it’s true. Your body uses nutrients from the foods you eat to provide fuel for daily activities. Now researchers report that your diet also can affect your mental health. Here’s how food and medication can impact emotional health. 1. Unsubstantiated advice– For years, people have … Read Full Article

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4 ways to improve your heart health

At one time in life, you may have exercised regularly. But then work and family commitments began to fill up your calendar. Since then, your workout clothes have been gathering dust in the corner. You may think it’s impossible to jumpstart your fitness workout. But experts say it’s worth it, because exercise and nutritious foods … Read Full Article