Pediatrician examining little boy’s throat.

Why Some Kids Keep Getting Tonsillitis

Some kids can’t get a break. They recover from one bout of tonsillitis only to get it again. Some kids get tonsillitis more than seven times a year. Here’s what you need to know about why some kids keep getting tonsillitis. Why tonsillitis occurs Behind the tongue on both sides of the throat are bumps … Read Full Article

Several elderly folks laughing and enjoying each others company.

5 Tips for Aging Well Mentally

As people age, they often feel that their brain slows down. They have difficulty remembering phone numbers and appointments, or birthdays of family and friends. Research shows that it’s possible to keep your brain sharp well into your senior years. You just need to start early in life. Review five tips for aging well mentally … Read Full Article

Pharmacist giving medication to woman holding a child.

Can a cold or the flu turn into pneumonia?

Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with pneumonia. Although there are many causes, about 33% of people get pneumonia from a cold or flu virus. Catching pneumonia at an early stage is key to a quick recovery. Know the symptoms, treatment and prevention. Because it’s true. A cold or the flu can turn into … Read Full Article

Young couple on the beach with their son and daughter.

Unexpected Medical Bills: Are You Prepared?

A critical illness or accident never is expected or planned, but it is an experience that can affect the rest of your life. While many individuals have health insurance to cover major expenses, they may not be prepared financially for the deductibles, copayments and noncovered medical and nonmedical expenses they may incur. According to financial experts, each year approximately 1.5 million Americans declare bankruptcy, with 66 percent citing high medical bills and lost income as the cause of their money problems.

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Dog sniffing carrot in woman's hand.

What You Should Know Before Feeding Raw Meat to Your Dog

More and more adults are adopting healthy diets featuring organic and natural foods. Many also want to feed natural, raw foods to their dogs to keep them healthy. But veterinarians urge owners to be aware of the risks and benefits. Here’s what you should know before feeding raw meat to your dog. Nutrition is key … Read Full Article

Young couple at gym choose healthy snacks after exercising.

4 Reasons to Choose Healthy Snacks

Studies show that 91% of Americans snack several times a day. Many people reach for a snack to boost energy or to fill in for a missed meal. Snacking can be healthy if you make the right choices. Here are four reasons to choose healthy snacks. Provide brain fuel We all have days with unplanned … Read Full Article