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4 ways to improve your heart health

At one time in life, you may have exercised regularly. But then work and family commitments began to fill up your calendar. Since then, your workout clothes have been gathering dust in the corner. You may think it’s impossible to jumpstart your fitness workout. But experts say it’s worth it, because exercise and nutritious foods … Read Full Article

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7 Reasons Why You Develop a Chronic Cough

Over the course of a year, most adults have two to four colds, and children can have as many as 12. Nasal congestion often causes a persistent cough that lasts for a week or two. But if a cough continues for several weeks or a month, it may be a symptom of a more serious … Read Full Article

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6 things to know when reading food labels

When shopping for groceries, do you check food labels? Nutritionists advise us to read product labels to know the ingredients in the foods we buy. But most people don’t take the time, and the words on the label often don’t make sense. Here are six things to know when reading food labels as featured in … Read Full Article

7 reasons you’re feeling stressed or anxious

Hives, insomnia, headaches, upset stomach, and chest pain are common signs of stress. Nearly 80 percent of Americans report feeling stressed each day. Some stress can be healthy, boosting memory, increasing resilience and providing motivation to complete tasks. But prolonged stress can lead to serious medical problems. Here are seven reasons you’re feeling stressed or … Read Full Article


4 reasons why you need social connections as you age

It’s natural to feel lonely as you age. Changes in relationships, the death of loved ones, or an unexpected medical problem can cause insecurity and depression. Many people withdraw from life as they reminisce about the past. While reliving memories can be cathartic, doctors advise that it also can cause chronic loneliness and lead to … Read Full Article

5 of the most expensive pet health problems

About 68 percent of American families own a pet, reports the American Pet Products Association. Not surprisingly, dogs and cats are the most popular pets. Most pet owners recognize that these special family members need routine care, and sometimes emergency medical attention, just as humans do. Here are five of the most expensive pet health … Read Full Article

3 ways to be healthy without taking vitamins and supplements

Americans spend over $30 billion each year on vitamins and herbal supplements to help them avoid diseases and maintain good health. About 50 percent of people take a multivitamin daily, and many others also take individual vitamin supplements. However, researchers report that many of these pills provide minimal health benefits. Here are three ways to … Read Full Article


3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Balance Work and Life

Many people feel pressure to work long hours to impress the boss and keep their job. But studies show that spending more than 40 hours at work may be detrimental to your health and quality of life. Consider three reasons why it’s important to balance work and life. Reduce cardiovascular disease – People who consistently … Read Full Article