4 reasons why you need social connections as you age

It’s natural to feel lonely as you age. Changes in relationships, the death of loved ones, or an unexpected medical problem can cause insecurity and depression. Many people withdraw from life as they reminisce about the past. While reliving memories can be cathartic, doctors advise that it also can cause chronic loneliness and lead to … Read Full Article

5 of the most expensive pet health problems

About 68 percent of American families own a pet, reports the American Pet Products Association. Not surprisingly, dogs and cats are the most popular pets. Most pet owners recognize that these special family members need routine care, and sometimes emergency medical attention, just as humans do. Here are five of the most expensive pet health … Read Full Article

3 ways to be healthy without taking vitamins and supplements

Americans spend over $30 billion each year on vitamins and herbal supplements to help them avoid diseases and maintain good health. About 50 percent of people take a multivitamin daily, and many others also take individual vitamin supplements. However, researchers report that many of these pills provide minimal health benefits. Here are three ways to … Read Full Article


3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Balance Work and Life

Many people feel pressure to work long hours to impress the boss and keep their job. But studies show that spending more than 40 hours at work may be detrimental to your health and quality of life. Consider three reasons why it’s important to balance work and life. Reduce cardiovascular disease – People who consistently … Read Full Article

anxiety undiagnosed health problems

5 ways anxiety is a warning sign of health problems

Americans worry about many things. Some concerns can be easily resolved, while others require more complex solutions. If anxiety occurs without reason, it could be a symptom of an undiagnosed medical condition. Consider five ways anxiety is a warning sign of health problems as featured in Prevention magazine. Anemia – Shortness of breath or a … Read Full Article

good customer service

5 reasons good customer service is important

Businesses know that providing positive experiences for buyers can dramatically impact their growth. But often customer service takes a back seat to the daily demands of running a business. Review five reasons why good customer service is important as featured in Entrepreneur magazine. Provides value – Great customer service programs should focus on treating customers … Read Full Article

national coffee

5 ways coffee can improve your health

Recognizing National Coffee Day, Sept. 29, 2017 If you love a good cup (or two) of morning joe, there are new reasons to keep sipping your favorite brew. Here are five ways coffee can improve your health: Heart disease – In the United States, every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack, and every minute … Read Full Article

color green life

4 reasons why you need the color green

The colors you see every day can affect you emotionally, physically and psychologically. Some colors can relax and calm you after a tough day, while others can trigger stress. Worldwide, blue is the favorite color for decorating and clothing. However, experts say that people should incorporate the color green into their lives. Here are four … Read Full Article