New Apps to Recognize, Reward Employees

employee rewards

Employees like it when employers express appreciation for their contributions at work. For many employers, the challenge is finding meaningful, non-monetary ways to reward employees. Now there are several reward and recognition applications (apps) for desktop computers or smartphones that employers can use to acknowledge employees’ work.

Sparcet – Virtual recognitions that employers or employees can give to each other, along with an email message explaining the significance of the accomplishments

Achievers – Employers award points to employees who have shared information about job openings on their personal social networks; employees accumulate points and redeem them for awards

iAppreciate – Employers can set up employee recognition, including invitations, send reminders of employee birthdays and anniversaries, or create certificates; employees also can send e-cards to colleagues

GiveAWOW – With this app, employees can send other workers high-fives for work accomplishments; the high-fives can be posted on employees’ social networks


If you use a recognition app at work, which one do you use?