Need Extra Energy? Skip the Caffeine


Do you struggle with an energy slump in the middle of the day? Do you reach for caffeine to energize yourself? Doing so just puts a bandage on exhaustion, reports a chronic fatigue expert. A better choice is to skip the caffeine and choose other energy boosters.

Consider the following list of non-caffeine options published by Huffington Post:

  • Chew gum – It stimulates the nervous system and increases alertness; mint-flavored gum fires up nerve fibers; a 2012 United Kingdom study discovered that people who chewed gum for 15 minutes felt more alert than those who didn’t
  • Consume whole grain foods – Replace foods made with refined, white flour with those made with whole grains that will provide real energy; a word of caution – consuming more than three servings of whole grains daily is likely to increase drowsiness
  • Increase light – Studies show that bright light awakens the brain; open the shades, turn on the lights and add more table lamps
  • Switch tasks – Mix up activities to stimulate your brain and enhance alertness
  • Move – Take a short walk, jump rope or do several jumping jacks to revive your spirits and improve alertness
  • Turn on up-tempo music – Music with a strong beat increases heart rates and stimulates brain activity; researchers in London discovered that singing loudly increases energy and decreases tension nearly as much as a cardio workout

Here are more healthy ways to boost your energy without caffeine.