Natural Options for Dental, Hearing and Vision Health


Did your grandmother have a home recipe for curing colds, sore throats, burns, bruises or bug bites? Although many home remedies were created in an era of limited health care resources, people throughout the world are adopting traditional solutions for preventive health care and minor medical needs. In the United States, more than one-third of Americans are pursuing alternative medicine to cure many aches and pains. Some remedies involve generational family remedies, while others use a combination of natural herbs and medications.

Here is a list of popular options for herbal or natural care for your mouth, ears and eyes:


  • Natural toothbrushes – People around the world keep their teeth clean by using twigs from well-known healing bushes or trees, such as bay, eucalyptus, oak, fir or juniper, to make natural-bristle, disposable toothbrushes; these twigs contain oils that stimulate blood circulation, tannins that tighten and cleanse gum tissue, and vitamin C to support healthy gums
  • Herbal toothpaste – Several herbal medicines are known to work as effective tooth powders to clean teeth; prickly ash is a classic option in North America and myrrh gum is used in the Middle East
  • Oral health care – Individuals who specialize in herbal and natural healing also recommend these products:
    • Tea tree oil – Stimulates tissue circulation and kills germs
    • Eggplant calyx ash – Cures toothaches and promote healthy gums
    • Chaparral, amla or licorice root – Mix with water to create a natural mouthwash to prevent cavities
    • Turmeric powder, licorice root and vitamin E – Helps to heal gums
    • Acidophilus or chamomile – Used as a mouth rinse to cure canker sores
    • Propolis resin – Created by bees; used to fight tooth decay


  • Parsley – Used to treat some ear problems, including ringing in the ears (tinnitus), deafness or infections; some researchers also suggest ginkgo for easing tinnitus symptoms
  • Calamus and turmeric – Ingredients in traditional Chinese medicines for treating deafness and dizziness; continues to be popular in Canada and the United States
  • Ajwain – Oil from these seeds helps relieve severe ear pain


  • Bitter melon – Rich in beta-carotene and potassium, this herb helps alleviate eye problems and improve eyesight
  • Amla or gooseberries – Rich in iron and minerals that enhance eyesight
  • Chervil – Used in a tea or cream to treat eye irritations
  • Eclipta alba – Steeped as a tea to relieve conjunctivitis

For thousands of years, herbs and natural products have been popular methods to cure various aches, pains and other health ailments. While many remedies have been passed down for generations, today there are specialists who research products and develop cures using alternative health care options.

If you use herbs or natural products for health ailments, which products do you use and for what types of problem? – Karen Gustin, Ameritas Group