Hot Fitness Trends for 2014


Many people set goals to “get fit,” but pursue different methods to achieve them. Some people like personal or group training sessions, while others prefer classes or weight-lifting programs. Every year new fitness ideas are introduced. Some quickly catch on and replace those that have been around for a while. What are the hot fitness trends for 2014? Review the list below.


Focus on efficiency
According to the Chicago Tribune, most Americans are busy with family and work commitments, with limited time leftover to squeeze in a regular exercise program. This year people want fitness options that allow them to strengthen muscles, burn fat and get fit – all in a minimum amount of time.

  1. High intensity interval training (HIIT) This fitness effort focuses on burning fat quickly by engaging in 30 minutes of short bursts of intense exercise with limited time for recovery, which also helps develop muscular endurance and strength; popular formats include at-home DVD workout programs or run-walk intervals; fitness experts report that HIIT exercise programs done three times weekly provide better results than spending an hour jogging on the treadmill
  2. Integrated exertion – Instead of blocking out time during the day to exercise, many people are integrating fitness activities throughout their day, such as doing squats while brushing teeth or standing on one foot while cooking
  3. Fusion fitness programs – Americans enjoy fitness classes that allow them to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training and balance, such as cycling and lifting weights or yoga and kickboxing
  4. Bodyweight training This program focuses on the individual serving as the dumbbell and doing a combination of exercises, such as switching between forearm planks and palm pushups, then V-ups to burpees and finishing with squats and reverse lunges
  5. Mind-body fitness – The goal is to develop a clear mind and strong body by focusing on eating nutritious meals that support a healthy brain and engaging in regular fitness programs for muscular endurance

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