5 Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holidays

Happy mother and daughter celebrating Christmas with their dog.

The holidays are filled with exciting gatherings of friends and families to decorate, share gifts and celebrate. Many family pets enjoy being in the middle of the festivities. But sometimes the holiday season can be an unhealthy experience for furry family members. Here are five tips to keep pets safe and healthy.

  1. Stick to normal schedules – During the busy holiday season, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Pets can sense your moods and may become hyper and anxious. Help pets feel calm and secure by following normal routines for exercise, playtime, cuddling, and meals.
  2. Tell guests about your pets – If you’re hosting parties or overnight visitors, make sure people know you have pets to avoid unexpected allergic reactions. Ask kids to avoid rough play with pets to prevent animals from getting too excited or upset.
  3. Don’t share table foods – Many human foods can make pets sick, such as chocolate, candy, uncooked foods, alcoholic drinks or hot foods. Instead, have a bowl of Scooby snacks that guests can share with Buster and Fluffy.
  4. Provide a safe haven for pets – Set up a quiet place where pets can go to escape your guests, such as a crate, blanket or bed where they have access to food, water, and a litter box. Pets will be calm and comfortable, and less likely to get into trouble.
  5. Watch for unhealthy attractions – Holiday decorations make your house feel festive, but they also can be a hazard for your pets.
  • Keep lights and electrical cords away from pets so they don’t bite them and get shocked.
  • If you have a fresh tree or live plants, daily pick up dropped needles and leaves so your pets don’t accidentally ingest them.
  • Store holiday paper and wrapped gifts away from pets to prevent them from tearing and swallowing the paper.

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