Help Kids with Healthy Meals


Children often use a lot of calories throughout the day, especially during school hours.  It’s important that they consume healthy foods that will provide the fuel their bodies need to think and participate in activities.

Medical professionals report that while breakfast is important to help children start off well, lunch is just as vital to maintain the energy required for learning experiences in the afternoon.

The National Institutes of Health provide the following tips for a healthy breakfast and lunch:

  1. Balance calories so kids use up what they consume
  2. Keep kids focused on the meal; remind them to avoid eating too fast and to pay attention to hunger and fullness cues
  3. Portion out foods so kids avoid eating  more than needed
  4. Serve kids high-nutrition foods, with half the plate filled with vegetables and fruits, along with whole grains and dairy products that are fat-free or 1%
  5. Help kids reduce consumption of foods high in solid fats, sugar and salt
  6. Promote choosing water instead of drinks high in sugar

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