Putting on the Greens: Healthy Choices for St. Patrick’s Day

healthy drink

If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, a meal featuring green eggs and ham or traditional corned beef hash and cabbage may be on the menu.

However, friends and family may like some healthier options, too.

Consider healthy green meal choices (along with the recipes) featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.





Breakfast – Skip the green bagel or donut and kick off the day with these tasty alternatives:

  • Smoothie with banana, mango and kale or pear and arugula
  • Baked eggs with arugula
  • Pancakes with zucchini, spinach and feta cheese or matcha, green tea and coconut

Lunch – Double-up on vitamins by serving these side dishes:

  • Roasted garlic colcannon
  • Minted pea mash
  • Cilantro lime rice
  • Crispy green beans with pesto

Snacks – Enjoy healthy between-meal snacks:

  • Green tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Cucumber slices with spicy crab or rolled with feta cheese
  • Fava bean almond spread
  • Kale chips

Dinner – Liven up the evening meal with these healthy foods:

  • Avocado mac and cheese
  • Green chile and tomatillo corn bread
  • Kale and cheese tart with a quinoa crust
  • Spicy salsa verde chicken

Dessert – Complete the celebration with naturally sweet treats:

  • Vegan avocado and banana ice cream
  • Mint frozen yogurt
  • Mini shamrock cheesecakes