Expressing Yourself with Oral Piercings

Expressing Yourself With Oral Piercings

An oral piercing of the tongue, cheek or lip is considered a unique way to express your personality. A diamond-chip sparkle can add a little dazzle to your smile, or serve as a beauty mark to enhance your facial features.

Unfortunately, it is also a way to experience an increase in health complications, including:

  • Injury to gum tissue, which may result in receding gums and loss of teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Prolonged or uncontrollable bleeding, blood clots, or blood poisoning
  • Scarring
  • Hepatitis B or C
  • An allergic reaction
  • Nerve damage that can lead to abnormal oral functions
  • Inflammation of heart tissues for those with endocarditis or other heart conditions
  • Interference with speech or eating
  • Digestive hazards, if jewelry is swallowed
  • Development of hypersensitivity to metal
  • Infection, which can have one or more of these symptoms:
    • Pain for more than 6 weeks
    • Yellow or green discharge
    • Cracks or splits
    • Swelling of the pierced tissue, which depending on the area, may result in restricted airflow
    • Increased flow of saliva
    • Prolonged bleeding due to damage to the blood vessel
    • Fever

Infection or Problems with an Oral Piercing?

If you experience any type of problem with an oral piercing or the surrounding tissue, contact your dentist or doctor immediately. The type of treatment prescribed will depend on the severity of the infection or complication.

If you have an oral piercing, tell me about the experience. What is your favorite type of piercing style and location? If you have a piercing, are you happy with it? Did you have any problems with it? Any regrets? Let me know and I’ll compile a list of responses and questions and include them in a later post. – Karen