Encouraging Health Screenings for Younger Employees


Results from national surveys often reinforce that employees want insurance benefits for themselves and their families. So the challenge for employers is identifying the best ways to educate employees on the value and components of their benefit plans.

But what if they’re single and just starting out? Younger employees often enjoy excellent health and may not understand why they need to take advantage of preventive health screenings available through their insurance plans. Often they are unaware that these tests may identify potential health concerns they could face in the future. If problems are detected, they can change their lifestyle habits at a younger age and possibly avoid more serious medical conditions when they’re older.

Health care professionals have developed suggested guidelines for screening tests. However, some doctors and health insurance companies may have different frequency preferences. Prior to scheduling a recommended evaluation, employees should verify their insurance coverage. Here’s a list of potential screenings for employees between the ages of 20 and 40:


  • Annually – Pelvic exam; Pap test (every year until three satisfactory tests are completed, and then as scheduled by the doctor); dental checkup (or more frequently, as directed by the dentist)
  • Every three years – Breast and skin exams, hearing test
  • Every five to 10 years – Vision screening


  • Annually – Dental checkup (or more frequently, as directed by the dentist)
  • Every two years – Blood pressure check (or more often, as directed by the physician)
  • Every three years – Skin exam, hearing test
  • Every five years – Cholesterol test
  • Every five to 10 years – Vision screening

Health screenings are essential to the early detection of health concerns and diseases. Younger employees should take advantage of preventive care tests and pursue a healthy lifestyle, so they can enjoy good health as they age.