Your Emotions Can Affect Your Heart


How you feel about yourself, relationships with others and daily experiences can affect your emotions, which in turn can affect the healthiness of your heart.

Heart disease
Many Americans struggle with feelings of depression and stress. Researchers in Norway studied the heart history of 63,000 people over 11 years. They discovered that those who experienced moderate to severe depression had a 40 percent higher risk for developing heart disease.

Health experts suggest that when people are depressed and stressed, they tend to develop more inflammation, which contributes to clogged arteries and heart disease. They also may pay less attention to taking medications as prescribed, which can impact their health.

If you’re feeling down, researchers say that physical activity can improve your outlook on life. In a study conducted in Canada, researchers studied 436 patients who had heart surgery. Participants who exercised regularly were less likely to experience stress and depression.

A report from Harvard Medical School affirms that when people have issues with depression and experience heart problems, incidences of death and hospitalizations are much higher.

Women who have heart failure tend to be more depressed, but men with heart problems may experience more severe depression.

The American Heart Association provides additional support to these studies, stating that people with depression have a tougher time recovering from a heart attack. The association recommends that depression be considered a risk factor for people with severe heart problems.

Health professionals advise that depression is a condition that responds well to medications and mental health therapy. In addition, people with heart problems who receive medical treatment for depression tend to experience fewer complications during recovery.


It’s important to know the signs and symptoms of heart attack, including the F.A.S.T. test for stroke.


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