5 Healthy Easter Treats

healthy easter treats

120 million pounds: that’s the amount of candy Americans will purchase for Easter baskets and celebrations.

Over 70 percent of candy purchased will contain chocolate. However, there are many other all-natural sweets that can be made to recognize the Easter holiday.

Consider five healthy treats as featured in EcoWatch:

  1. Cake pops – Make dairy-free Easter cake pops with nutritious ingredients, such as chickpea flour, flaxseed, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and xylitol (a natural, low-calorie sweetener).
  2. Candy bird nests – Kids enjoy making these delicious nests made with coconut, coconut butter, and non-caffeine carob cocoa. Add a few naturally flavored jellybeans, gummy fruit snacks or dark chocolate chips to complete the nest.
  3. Breakfast pizza – Start Easter morning off with a healthy pizza. The baked crust contains whole wheat flour, coconut oil, juice or milk and a pinch of sugar. Frost the pizza with a thin coating of cream cheese icing and decorate with fresh fruits and nuts.
  4. Natural peeps – Millions of store-bought marshmallow peeps are purchased for Easter egg hunts and baskets. Consider creating your own peeps using homemade marshmallows, without artificial colors and processed sugars.
  5. Peppermint patties – Make natural mint treats using coconut oil, raw honey, dark chocolate, sea salt and peppermint and vanilla extracts.

Looking for new ideas for an Easter egg hunt? Consider these suggestions as featured in She Knows:

  • Bunny tracks – Lay out paw-shaped footprints to guide kids to their eggs and other fun activities. Also consider leaving clues around for the kids to find, and help them figure out where goodies are hidden.
  • Egg garden – Create a garden with artificial flowers and plastic eggs filled with candy and trinkets. With homemade play dough, sculpt little bunnies and chicks.
  • Indoor hunt – If the weather isn’t cooperating, scatter eggs and small gifts throughout the house for kids to find. When hiding real hard-boiled eggs and other perishables, keep track of where they are hidden (so they don’t end up rotting under the couch cushion).
  • Egg mix-up decoder – Divide kids into teams and instruct them to hunt for mismatched plastic eggs (different colored halves put together). The team that finds the most eggs and puts them together correctly earns a prize, such as an Easter basket filled with candy (and maybe some healthy baby carrots in a baggie and a juice box).
  • Piñata – Create a piñata at home or purchase a fun design at the store. Fill it with candy treats, small gifts, money, note pads, coloring books, crayons and fun coupons. Safely allow each child to hit it with a stick until the contents tumble out. If one child ends up with a lot of stuff and others do not, teach the gift of sharing.

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