Cosmetic Procedures and Apps for Your Selfie


Since the “selfie” was introduced nearly 13 years ago in Australia, thousands have been taken and shared on social media. At first, people were mesmerized with the idea of taking pictures of themselves at events and activities. But they became concerned about how they looked in the shots posted for friends, family members and 200,000 others to view. Now many people are retouching their photos using digital apps, while others have pursued cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery to enhance their appearance.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery
In the past two years, the plastic surgery industry has noticed a significant increase in the demand for facial procedures, such eye-lid lifts, hair transplants and rhinoplasty (surgery to reshape the nose). Some experts claim this growth is due to people’s fixation on how they look in their selfies, but others haven’t found a direct correlation.

Additionally, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry anticipates that Americans will continue to invest in procedures to whiten and improve their smiles. It projects that the cosmetic dentistry industry will grow in the next decade, especially since some dental benefit plans include coverage for cosmetic procedures.

Apps to correct photos
For years, professional photographers have used software tools to retouch and correct facial imperfections in photos, such as red eye, wrinkles, acne or stray hairs. The popularity of selfies has created a market for new digital and smartphone apps that people can use to correct their photos. Imperfections can be quickly removed before the picture is shared on social media.

Your smile often is the first impression people receive. Did you know that there are many ways to whiten your teeth naturally? Consider these tips from dental professionals on how to maintain a bright smile.


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