Clothing Choices May Reflect How You Feel

what your clothing says about you

How do you communicate your thoughts and feelings with others? Many people use hand gestures or facial expressions to emphasize a point. Experts say that our clothing choices may reflect how we feel and also send nonverbal messages. What do your clothing choices say about you?

According to YAHOO! Shine, emotions, psyches and underlying issues drive people to wear what they wear. Review the messages clothing choices can send:

  • High heels – Women who regularly wear high heels may feel inept; they may also struggle to look at people at eye level; high heels elevate the person both physically and mentally
  • Clothing items from past decades – Wearing vintage clothing may be an indication that the person is stuck in a decade or a time period when he or she felt more confident
  • Trendy outfits – Wearing trendy fashions may communicate that the person is hiding, or is uncomfortable with his or her personality
  • Always dressing down or up – Some people refuse to dress up, wearing only clothing in which they are comfortable; other people may always dress up; both choices can indicate that the person is seeking attention or validation
  • Clingy or baggy clothes – People who wear form-fitting clothing may be looking for attention, but those who consistently choose baggy outfits may communicate that they are uncomfortable with themselves

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