Avoid Depression Caused by Smartphone Use

depression and smartphones

Average mobile phone owners check their phones about 150 times daily. About 33 percent of smartphone owners acknowledge being addicted to their phones.

Researchers at Baylor University believe people who regularly check their phones may be struggling with depression. Review key points from the study and tips on how to deal with depression.

1. Security – Baylor scientists questioned nearly 350 college students about their smartphone use. They discovered many use their devices as a security blanket to avoid people or unpleasant experiences.

2. Escape – Nearly 5 million people worldwide use some type of mobile phone. The study showed that smartphones, with extensive apps for learning and entertainment, make it easy for owners to escape problems and experiences. However, those who do this regularly may hide from reality, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

3. Attitude – Studies show that people who frequently use their smartphones are more likely to be moody, temperamental and less able to focus on tasks.

Coping with depression
Medical experts recommend that people struggling with anxiety and depression should seek professional assistance for treatment. Depression, if left untreated, can increase the risk for developing major cardiovascular problems.

Psychologists say reducing screen time can lessen addiction and feelings of depression. They provide these tips:

  • Don’t go cold turkey – Slowly reduce the amount of time spent on your smartphone. Start by shutting it off at night.
  • Avoid illegal use – Observe state laws when using your smartphone, especially when driving a vehicle.
  • Increase face time – Instead of texting a friend or family member, set up time to meet them for a personal conversation. Relationships flourish when people spend time together versus when talking only by text.
  • Take a break – Instead of spending 30 minutes or more playing games on your smartphone, use the time to take a walk or run, or head to the gym and increase your physical fitness. It’s also a great way to clear your head.

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