Are Vision Problems Affecting Your Work Performance?


Your vision impacts nearly everything you do each day, but it is easy to take for granted. The American Foundation for the Blind reports that 23.7 million American adults age 18 and older experience vision loss.

Many employers recognize that the quality of their employees’ vision can influence their performance and productivity, and require ongoing medical care. Vision problems cost American businesses nearly $8 billion annually in lost productivity and medical expenses.


Consider these statistics:

  • At least 75 percent of Americans require some form of vision correction.
  • Approximately 4.2 million adults age 40 and older are visually impaired
  • Nearly 37 million adults suffer from age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. These diseases can cause vision loss and even blindness.
    • 50,000 Americans lose their eyesight each year.
    • With proper care, 50 percent of all cases of blindness could be prevented.
  • About 70 percent of Millennial workers report symptoms of digital eye strain.
  • Nearly 5 percent of school-aged children have eye problems that, if not treated, could lead to permanent vision loss.
  • More than 23 million Americans age 18 and older have never had an eye exam.

Fortunately, these statistics can be improved if employees schedule routine eye examinations. During the exam, the eye doctor will check for vision correction needs and look for signs of diseases that could impact eyesight.

Many businesses have discovered that by adding a vision plan to their benefits packages, they can save $7 for every $1 they invest. Research shows that employees with access to eye care coverage miss fewer work days, are more productive, and have fewer costly medical procedures. Review these additional statistics:

  • On average, employees are 4 times more likely to schedule an annual eye exam than a health physical exam.
  • Nearly 80 percent of employees use their vision benefits for a comprehensive eye exam.
  • Employees are two times more likely to get an eye exam if they are enrolled in a stand-alone vision plan.
  • Without vision insurance, people wait on average over two years between eye exams.

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