How do animals improve our lives?

A young lady hugging her pet, a small dog, which shows how animals improve lives.

Americans love their pets. About 68% of households have a pet and spend over $70 billion each year caring and feeding them. Pets provide significant companionship and unconditional love. Researchers say there also are several health benefits of owning a pet. Here’s how animals improve our lives.

Lowered risk of allergies

Studies show that kids who grow up around farm animals, dogs or cats tend to have a stronger immune system. Their bodies are healthy and have a lower risk of developing allergies, asthma and eczema. Whether living in the country or the city, animals improve our lives.

Reduced stress 

Spending time with pets helps people feel more relaxed and content. Surveys show that 55% of people who spent time with their pets were more relaxed and 44% worried less about job security, finances and other problems.

Improved health

Because most dog owners take their four-legged friends on daily walks, they get more exercise. Along the way, they visit with other people and enjoy the outdoors, which helps improve their mental health. These activities help pet owners maintain lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reports the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Enhanced outlook on life

Having a pet to care for each day forces people who are dealing with problems and serious health conditions to keep moving and live each day. They end up taking better care of themselves, too. Animals improve our lives by helping us focus on the here and now.

A little boy kissing a dog on the nose shows us how animals improve our lives.

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