Ameritas Group’s Unique Dental Benefits


Have you ever had a clothing item that was promoted as “one-size-fits-all”? Maybe it was a pair of socks or a T-shirt that the majority of people could wear, but do these items correctly fit each person? Probably not.

The same could be said about dental benefit plans, which often are classified as “all the same”. While dental plans may look similar on the surface, in reality, each is designed and administered differently. Every insurance carrier has a different business philosophy and plan options—such as the type of procedures covered and their corresponding benefit levels (claim allowances, deductibles, coinsurance percentages and annual maximum benefits), prerequisites, customer service and network availability—all of which affect the quality of the products and services employees will receive.

Normally I write about different health and benefit issues, but today I want to tell you about Ameritas Group and some of our unique dental plans and services. Many carriers say they have quality dental plans, but most are designed with set components that cannot be adjusted; Ameritas Group focuses on customizing plans to fit the specific needs of each employee group by offering multiple options:

  • Dual/triple option – A choice of plan designs and price tags, so employees can choose what works best for them, such as high/low and core/buy-up
  • Dental Rewards® – A feature that rewards qualifying employees with a carryover amount that will increase their next year’s annual maximum; employees love this benefit, which was the first of its kind in the dental insurance industry
  • Preventive Plus – Preventive services are not deducted from the annual maximum, preserving more benefit to help offset covered Basic and Major procedures; also promotes preventive care
  • Participating provider organization (PPO) – Save money with our extensive PPO dental network, one of the nation’s largest; these PPO dentists offer our plan members discounted fees on covered procedures
  • Incentive coinsurance – Among our incentive coinsurance options, this particular one starts basic procedures at a lower coinsurance level to help control costs on these types of services
  • Cosmetic benefits and dental implants – Cosmetic benefits include professional teeth bleaching and tooth-color composite fillings on molars; comprehensive implant benefits include all phases involved in replacing missing teeth and securing dentures
  • Per-visit deductible and $5,000 annual maximum – Each per-visit deductible paid to the dentist applies toward the cost of the dental claim; companies facing reduced medical benefits may find value in offering employees a $5,000 annual max for dental
  • $ensible Choice® – A departure from traditional benefit types and procedure categories, this plan simply bases dental benefits on the dollar amount of the member’s expense
  • Individual plans – My Dental PlanSM offerings were created for individuals and families who are not part of a group plan; enables employers to offer contract or part-time employees access to dental benefits

Just as your business offers unique services to customers, your dental benefits should fit the special needs of your employees and their family members.