8 Aromas That Can Lift Your Spirits


If you’re feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, breathing certain aromas may improve your mindset. Review this list of eight scents that can be therapeutic to your mind and body, originally printed in Reader’s Digest.

  1. Rosemary – A common kitchen spice, rosemary increases brain power, according to some studies. It helps people recall complex events and tasks, and also may assist with memory loss.
  2. Pine – Japanese researchers discovered that people who took a walk through a pine forest reported feeling less depressed and anxious.
  3. Freshly cut grass – Scientists in Australia found that freshly cut grass releases a chemical that helps people feel more joyful and relaxed. They even determined that using this scent as a fragrance produced the same response.
  4. Citrus – The scent released from citrus, especially lemons, is known to increase energy, improve mental alertness and reduce stress.
  5. Lavender and jasmine – Studies show the pleasing aromas from these popular flowers calm nerves, ease depression and insomnia, and improve moods.
  6. Baby powder – The smell of this popular product reminds people of the safety and security they felt in their younger years, when their caregivers used it to soothe their skin.
  7. Sunscreen – The tropical scents used in sunscreen products cause people to recall fun experiences, such as swimming, beach excursions and vacations.
  8. Peppermint – This popular oil produced by peppermint leaves is known to enhance moods, improve spirits and relieve stress. It’s also been shown that athletes who smell peppermint experience better breathing and improved performance during sports activities.


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