7 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Pets

Children And Dog In Halloween Costumes For Trick Or Treating

All year long, kids look forward to Halloween. It’s an exciting night for kids to dress in costume, get loads of candy, and trick-or-treat with friends and maybe even the family pet. Make sure Halloween is fun for kids and pets. Here are seven safety tips for a spooktacular night.

1. Watch for signs of stress – In many homes, dogs and cats are important family members. So it’s natural to want to dress them up for Halloween. While kids may be excited about the evening, pets can sense a different atmosphere and get a little stressed. Before heading out the door for trick-or-treating, make sure kids, and especially your pets, are okay. If you decide to keep your pet at home, put them in a quiet place where they won’t be bothered by Halloween noises and activities.

2. Choose the right masks and costumes – When picking out a Halloween costume, make sure it fits well and is made of fire-resistant material. Masks should fit so kids and dogs can see well, to avoid trips and falls.

3. Use nontoxic makeup – Many kids, and maybe pets, like to wear makeup to complement their Halloween costume. Before purchasing makeup, check the list of ingredients to ensure the product is safe. After a night of Halloween fun, remove all makeup and wash their faces to avoid getting it on bedding or creating skin irritation.

4. Go in a group – There is safety in numbers so trick-or-treat with a group of adults and their kids. Make sure kids don’t run ahead of others. Attach a glow stick to kids’ costumes and candy bags so you can see them in the dark. Carry a flashlight to check for uneven areas in sidewalks and streets.

5. Look for cars – In the excitement of Halloween, kids may forget to look for cars when crossing neighborhood streets. According to Streetsblog USA, kids are four times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween. If you do take your dog or cat out for Halloween, check that their collar ID is correct and securely fastened, and keep them on a leash or tucked safely in your arms, so they don’t run off.

6. Check the candy – Before kids taste the rewards of their trick-or-treating, carefully check over the candy and other items to make sure they are safe. Keep pets away from the Halloween treat bag, as chocolate and candy and gum containing Xylitol can be deadly.

7. Monitor lights and candles – Halloween lights and candles in jack-o-lanterns can be safety hazards for kids and pets. Dogs or cats may get electrocuted biting blinking lights or poisoned by broken glow sticks, and kids can get burned when playing with candles.

Source: PetMD