6 Tips to Relax and Stay Healthy When Flying

healthy tips for your next flight

Long lines, crowded waiting areas, packed restaurants, delayed flights and stressed people: flying can be challenging. If you’re traveling for vacation, business or pleasure, review several healthy tips for your next flight as featured in Reader’s Digest.

1. Take the first flight – Avoid long lines and delays by scheduling the earliest flight possible. The plane should be fresh, clean and on time.

2. Pack a healthy meal and snacks – Take along sandwiches, snacks and cut-up veggies from home so you can enjoy healthy meals at the airport or on the plane.

  • Bring an empty water bottle to fill up on the other side of security checkpoints. Sip water during the flight to keep hydrated.
  • Slip bags of chamomile tea in your carry-on luggage to enjoy on the plane. It will help release anxieties so you can nap during the flight.

3. Breathe clearly – About 24 hours before your flight, take a decongestant to dry sinuses and ear membranes so you can breathe clearly while in the air.

4. Control ear popping – Chew gum, swallow hard or yawn big to equalize pressure in the middle ear and control popping.

5. Stretch muscles – Periodically, while waiting for your flight and in the air, stretch your muscles to boost blood flow and prevent stiffness.

6. Avoid swelling – Taking off your shoes during the flight sounds like a relaxing idea, but don’t do it. Air pressure in the plane is low and your feet may swell during flight, causing discomfort when putting your shoes back on. Also, avoid crossing your legs and use your carry-on luggage as a foot stool.