5 Ways to Cope With Winter Weather


If you live where it snows, the winter season can be long, dreary and depressing. The weather may be bitterly cold, road conditions more treacherous, and there are fewer sunlight hours. Instead of dwelling on the negative, health experts recommend focusing on five things you enjoy about winter. Consider these suggestions:

  1. Special activities – Instead of sitting on the sofa and watching TV while waiting for winter to end, engage in activities you can do only during the winter season. Make arrangements to meet up with a special friend or family member on specific days of the month to enjoy winter activities together. You may want to hike through a park, attend a hockey game or go ice skating. Build a snowman or have an epic snowball fight. Kids and dogs usually love to romp in the snow. Researchers say that anticipating something you like makes you happy.
  2. Seasonal treats – Purchase special items that you use only during the winter season, such as candles, boots or a matching scarf, hat and gloves. Enjoy hot chocolate, spiced apple cider or your favorite hot tea.
  3. Comfort food – Cook a pot of chili, soup or meat dish that warms you from the inside out. Enjoy the leftovers for lunch or dinner. You also may want to freeze extra portions for use on a day when you don’t have time to cook.
  4. Winter clothes – Purchase fun, cute winter clothing that makes you feel special and keeps you warm. Treat yourself to a shopping spree to look for winter outfits that are comfortable and warm. Save money by shopping local thrift stores first, and when you’re done with gently used winter clothes, donate them to a local homeless shelter.
  5. Spend time with others – Find friends and family members who enjoy the winter season. Spending time with them will help you feel more positive and optimistic. Enjoy the warmth of a roaring fireplace. Visit the shopping mall or see a fun movie. Volunteering for a good cause can make you happy too.

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