Map of the 8 states that allow young adults to apply to stay on their parents plan beyond age 26.

Can You Stay on Your Parents’ Insurance After Age 26?

Growing up is bittersweet. As you enter your 20s, you enjoy many fun and exciting experiences. And you also face new responsibilities. Like many young adults, you’ve probably taken your health for granted, especially your teeth and eyes. When covered under your parents’ health insurance, you didn’t have to think about it. But you’ve probably … Read Full Article

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The Cost of Unhealthy Employees: What Employers Should Know

“When you take care of your team, you take care of your business,” says British business leader Sir Richard Branson. It’s a philosophy that all companies should set as the foundation of their employee engagement strategy. Companies with healthy employees experience higher worker productivity and more business success. However, many employees struggle to maintain good … Read Full Article

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4 Things to Know About Calcium Deficiency

People need calcium to stay healthy. It’s essential for bone health, physical growth and a healthy central nervous and circulatory system. But calcium is not a mineral the body produces naturally. Instead, people get it from the foods they eat. Here are four things to know about calcium deficiency. Impact on oral health Your body … Read Full Article

A portrait of young family with a toddler girl moving in new home.

Shopping the Health Insurance Marketplace? What to Know About Dental and Vision Insurance

With rising health care costs, health insurance is essential for seeking preventive services and obtaining more expensive care. If you don’t have access to employer-sponsored health coverage, you might be planning to shop the Health Insurance Marketplace during open enrollment. The Marketplace is an online shopping site where consumers compare health insurance plans for individuals, … Read Full Article

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How to Help Employees Develop Financial Resilience in Tough Times

Financial problems are among the critical issues in life that give employees stress. Research shows that employees stressed by finances struggle to focus on work, reducing their productivity. Workers say that, on average, they lose nearly 15.3 hours each week worrying about their finances. About 40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. If they have … Read Full Article

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How Benefits Communication Affects Employee Well-being

Cultivating and supporting employee well-being is a priority of businesses in every industry. They want to invest in their employees. They know that addressing well-being issues is essential to keeping workers engaged. Many factors influence employee well-being and engagement, but key areas are benefits and rewards. The Gallup Organization explains, “Employees become engaged when their … Read Full Article

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5 Reasons Why Preventive Care Matters

More and more employers recognize the value of preventive care procedures and services for employees. They know that preventive care is essential to helping workers maintain and improve their overall health and well-being. This translates to better attendance and higher work productivity. You have probably heard of preventive health screenings. But what are they? Essentially, … Read Full Article

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How Snacking During Lockdown Can Impact Your Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting Americans in many ways. Millions of people have quarantined to control the virus. As a result, adults are furloughed or working from home, and students of all ages are attending classes online. It’s affecting people’s health both mentally and physically. For example, consider how snacking during the lockdown can impact … Read Full Article

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Why Employee Well-being Programs are as Important as Health Benefits

For years, employers have played a role in their employees’ health and well-being. Many companies offer a range of benefit programs that meet employees’ needs. And now, more than ever, employees depend on their employers to help keep them healthy and safe. Recently, Ameritas partnered with Workforce magazine to learn about business commitment to employee … Read Full Article