Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Plan

choosing the right dental plan

Do all dental insurance companies offer coverage for the same procedures? Do all plans pay the same amount for services? How do they handle claims?

And the list goes on.

To help you select the right dental plan, Dental Health Magazine offers several tips:

  1. Ask the pros for recommendations – Dental professionals work with dental insurance companies every day and can suggest several excellent dental companies to consider.
  2. Compare plans – Carefully review the details of the plans you are considering; look at the annual maximum coverage amount, deductibles and copays, premium cost, extra fees and the reimbursement categories for key services; for example, check whether the company covers fillings at 80 percent or 50 percent of the cost and find out if here is a waiting period for major services.
  3. Choose flexibility – A dental insurance plan should offer choices for coverage, such as type of material for a filing (amalgam or composite, for example); watch out for plans that cover only one type of treatment.
  4. Know your needs – Thoroughly read the plan to understand the coverage options and select the plan that best fits your needs.

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