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Is An Individual Dental Insurance Benefit Worth the Cost?

When spending money on a product or service, most people want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth. It’s especially true for health insurance. The majority of employees get employer-sponsored health coverage, including dental care. But not all workers qualify for these plans, such as part-time and contract employees and retirees. If you fit … Read Full Article

Individual snacking on chips and soda. These are bad foods for your oral health.

10 Bad Foods for Your Oral Health

It’s a well-known fact that candy causes tooth decay. But did you know that many other foods also are not good for your teeth? Protect your smile by limiting these 10 bad foods for your oral health. Apple cider vinegar It’s considered a cure for several health concerns, but apple cider vinegar is bad for … Read Full Article

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Why Energy Drinks and Foods Can Cause Tooth Decay

Most top athletes spend hours training for competitions. They also eat nutritious meals, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep, and try to take good care of their overall physical and oral health. But despite these efforts, studies show that many elite athletes have problems with their teeth. To compete at the highest … Read Full Article

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Tips for Better Dental Health for Children

Dental health can affect how well children learn in school. Many children with dental problems struggle to learn. They may lack self-confidence and are reluctant to smile. Parents and caregivers can help children do well in school by teaching good dental habits. Review these tips for better dental health for children. Early stages of decay … Read Full Article

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Scheduling an Appointment at the Dentist: What to Expect

At the height of COVID-19, dental offices were closed to protect patients and employees. Now, many offices are open and scheduling appointments. Dentists are following the established health and safety guidelines, and ready to care for your teeth. Here’s what to expect at your next appointment at the dentist. Health and safety precautions People often … Read Full Article

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Dental Care: How Much Does it Cost?

Most people don’t like financial surprises. Before making a large purchase, they check the cost to see if it fits within their budget. However, some expenses are unpredictable, such as for health and dental needs. But before they see a dentist, there are ways people can ask: How much does it cost? Plan for the … Read Full Article

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What is a PPO?

Dental insurance gives people peace of mind. They know their coverage helps them protect their smile by keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Dental plans are designed with different types of coverage. A key plan element is access to a nationwide network of participating dentists and specialists. One popular network design is the Participating Provider … Read Full Article

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What is Individual Dental and Vision Insurance? Why Is It Essential for Today’s Workers?

Many people have employer-sponsored group dental and vision benefits. But some employees don’t qualify for them. These employees may be semi-retired, part-time, self-employed or independent contractors. What they need is access to individual health coverage. But exactly what is individual insurance? And why is it essential for today’s workers? Dental and vision insurance are among … Read Full Article

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When is Teledentistry Using Video Chat an Option?

Do you need to see your dentist, but are reluctant to visit the office in person? You’re not alone. Some people put off dealing with a dental issue because they are concerned about exposure to others in the office. Or, they simply can’t get to the dentist. Ask your family dentist or specialist if a … Read Full Article