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4 Treats to avoid for better teeth

It seems that at every family gathering or holiday celebration, the menu features starchy breads, sugary treats and alcohol. Dentists say that as people enjoy these foods and drinks, oral bacteria also have a feast. When oral bacteria connect with sugars and starches in the mouth, acid is produced. The acid attacks tooth enamel for … Read Full Article

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The Big Benefits of Dental Flossing

Many people don’t like to floss their teeth. If they brush their teeth daily, they wonder why do they need to floss? Dentists say that toothbrushing and flossing work together to lower the risk of tooth decay. In addition, flossing can help reduce the chance of developing gum disease. Know the big benefits of dental flossing. … Read Full Article

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4 Ways Parents Can Protect Children’s Dental Health

Children’s baby teeth lay the foundation for adult teeth. So if children take care of their teeth, they are more likely to have healthy teeth and gums when they are older. Most kids don’t know how to take care of their teeth on their own. Here are four ways parents and caregivers can protect children’s … Read Full Article

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5 Ways Vaping Affects Dental Health

In 2006, e-cigarettes were first introduced in the United States. Since then, many people have wondered how vaping could affect oral health, and the lungs. In this article, we’re going to focus on oral health. Research shows that using e-cigarettes can damage teeth and gums. Here are six things to know about how vaping affects … Read Full Article

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Dental Laser Technology Improves Patient Experience

Many kids and adults worry about going to the dentist. They are anxious about the needles used for anesthesia and the sound of the dental drill. But dental laser technology is improving the patient experience by reducing the need for needles and drills. Here’s what you should know. Benefits For decades, dentists have used laser … Read Full Article

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Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouth Rinse: What Are the Best Choices?

There are hundreds of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth rinse products sold in stores. They all claim to help fight tooth decay and kill mouth germs and bacteria. So how do you know what are the best choices? Ask your dentist for recommendations and review these tips to learn about the differences in toothpaste, toothbrush and … Read Full Article

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5 Tips for Choosing a Dentist

Do you need to find a new dentist? Maybe you’ve moved, switched jobs or just want to make a change. Since there are many dental offices to choose from, don’t wait until you have tooth pain to pick one. Here are five tips for choosing a dentist. Consider office location and hours Most people choosing … Read Full Article