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Dental Insurance is an Investment in Yourself

As an Ameritas dental plan member, you have access to an extensive dental network and award-winning customer service. You even have a secure, online member portal where you can view your benefits and claim information, policy documents, ID cards, online explanations of benefits, and find providers near you. And by simply visiting your dentist for … Read Full Article

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How Employee Stress Impacts Dental Health

Americans are among the most stressed employees in the world, new Gallup research shows. As many as 57% of workers surveyed feel stress daily, an increase of 8% from the previous year. High levels of stress and anxiety can lead to medical and dental health problems. Specifically, here’s how employee stress impacts dental health. Nutrition … Read Full Article

Dentist examining a dental x-ray.

How Much Does a Crown Cost?

You’ve probably felt it: after biting something as hard as a popcorn kernel, you suddenly notice a piece of a tooth floating around your mouth. You know you’ll need to schedule an appointment for the dentist and that you’ll probably need a crown. If you have dental insurance, you’re glad because the plan will help … Read Full Article

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Should I Get Individual Dental Insurance or Pay Out-of-pocket?

Many people think they don’t need dental insurance. If they are in good health and don’t have dental pain, they plan to pay for an annual exam and cleaning out-of-pocket. But dental health problems can occur when you least expect them. So, if you’re wondering, “Should I get individual dental insurance or pay out-of-pocket?” review … Read Full Article

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How Does Stress Impact Your Oral Health?

Nearly 80% of Americans report feeling stressed, depressed or anxious. People often get stressed when they’re busy and have little time to rest and relax. They’re working to meet deadlines at work, juggling family responsibilities or dealing with health problems. Due to the pandemic, about 40% of people say that stress from mental and behavioral … Read Full Article

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Individual Dental Insurance: 5 Reasons Why It’s Essential

Many self-employed people don’t have dental insurance. They may think it’s too expensive. Plus, they may feel they are too busy growing their company to make time for dental exams. So, they put off going to the dentist until they experience pain. Avoiding the dentist can lead to costly oral health and medical conditions. However, seeing … Read Full Article

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Understanding the Pandemic’s Impact On Oral Health

During the pandemic, Americans adopted new habits. Overnight, many people found themselves quarantined, working from home or furloughed. These sudden changes created stress and anxiety. To help them cope, many exchanged business or work attire for sweats and PJs. People ate more comfort foods and snacks, binged on TV shows, and skipped their daily oral … Read Full Article

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How 3D Printing is Changing Dentistry

3D technology has revolutionized nearly every industry. Developed 30 years ago, 3D technology makes it easier for companies to produce detailed products more quickly and accurately. Now dental companies and dentist offices are using 3D technology to improve patient care. Here’s how 3D printing is changing dentistry. Precision design 3D printers use a chemical process … Read Full Article

How to Overcome Rising Dental Costs

Across the country, people are spending more and more on daily living expenses. As a result, many people are struggling to stretch their paychecks to cover the essentials. So they wonder how they’ll handle rising costs for vital health services, such as dental care. For some ideas, review these tips on how to overcome rising … Read Full Article