Children’s Dental Tips: Daily Care and Toothbrush Choices

Children with healthy teeth and gums have more than a glowing grin. Good oral health also contributes to their overall health, and may enhance their performance in school. Unfortunately, many children have problems with tooth decay. If problems are left untreated, they may experience unnecessary pain and infection, which can lead to problems eating, speaking, playing and learning.

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Qualities of a Good Dentist

Many people consider their dentist a valued partner in their health care, so if they need to find a new dental professional – maybe due to a move or a new dental plan – it’s important to find one they trust.

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Dental Benefits Simplified

Annual employee benefit surveys confirm that employees highly value their benefit plans, with dental insurance ranking among those they value the most. Scheduling an appointment for a checkup and cleaning is an important step for employees and dependents to maintain good overall health.

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Dental X-Ray Safety

Dental checkups and teeth cleanings are essential to maintaining good oral health. During the exam dental professionals will perform a variety of services.

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Bad Breath Blues

Bad breath, also called halitosis, has many causes, with poor oral health being a primary factor. It’s important to brush your teeth after meals and floss daily to remove the bits of food that get stuck between your teeth, in your gums, and on your tongue. If left untreated, these particles will decay, producing foul-smelling breath.

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